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CFSA Member Registration

Welcome to CFSA! This page is dedicated to getting you registered as a member of your Territorial/Provincial Freestyle Ski Association (T/PSO). Our goal is to provide you with essential information you need to become an insured and licensed athlete, coach, judge, official, or volunteer.


Membership Registration and Login

Please note that all memberships are valid until June 30th each year regardless of purchase date.

Please select the Territorial/Provincial Freestyle Ski Association below with which you wish to REGISTER or LOGIN.

To sign up as a member, click the ‘Registration’ tab on the left and select the appropriate role.

Yukon Freestyle Ski Association

British Columbia Freestyle Ski Association

Alberta Freestyle Ski Association

Saskatchewan Freestyle Ski Association

Manitoba Freestyle Ski Association

Freestyle Ski Ontario

Fédération Québécois de Ski Acrobatique

Nova Scotia Freestyle Ski Association

New Brunswick Freestyle Ski Association

Membership Registration / Renewal Help

Club Registration

All freestyle ski clubs must register with CFSA.
All club sanctions expire October 31st each year.

To register your club you must:

1) Read the Can Freestyle Operating Agreement.

2) Read the Snowsports Club Risk Management Manual.

3) Send a Sanction Request Form and Certificate of Insurance (COI) request form to [email protected] and confirm your commitment to the Can Freestyle Operating Agreement.

4) Once your club sanction is approved, log into your personal GoalLine account as a “user administrator”, and pay club fees.

Clubs will only be sanctioned if they complete the aforementioned three steps. Please allow 5-10 business days for your club sanction to be processed.

Please note that club fees include Directors and Officers’ liability insurance, which is mandatory for all clubs. View a summary of the coverage.

License Information

All members must have a CFSA license in order to participate in CFSA sanctioned clubs, activities or competitions. Please review the chart below for information on what license may be appropriate for you.

Please note that athletes can upgrade their memberships at anytime

Athlete License Types

Try Freestyle Temporary 7-day license for special introduction to freestyle skiing events.
Can Free 1&2 Necessary for all training, Jumps & Bumps programs and inter/intra club competitions, regardless of home province. Includes general liability coverage.
Can Free 3 Necessary for athletes who plan to compete in provincial or national level competitions. Also included general liability coverage for club training, regardless of home province.
Can Free 4 – FIS Necessary for athletes who plan to compete in FIS sanctioned events. Includes FIS license and general liability coverage for training. 2B out-of-country accident insurance is mandatory.
Coach License Necessary for all coaches, coaching any level of athlete, regardless of home province.
Associate License Necessary for volunteers who work with clubs or T/PSOs on a regular basis. Absolutely necessary all club and T/PSO administrative staff, and club and T/PSO board of directors members. Includes general liability coverage.
Judge License Necessary for all FIS level A, B, C or Regional judges and judges in training (levels D, E). Includes access to the Association of Freestyle Professionals’ (AFP) online resources and training. Also Includes general liability coverage.
Major Official License Necessary if you plan to be a Chief of Course/Competitions, a Technical Director (TD) or plan to do scoring. Includes general liability coverage.
User Administrator License Necessary for club and T/PSO administrative staff who need access to club and T/PSO membership reports.
Contact [email protected] for more information.

Insurance Information

Visit our Insurance Information page for full details.

Judges and Officials

All judges and officials are required to have an active CFSA license. To purchase a license go the Membership Registration and Login page and select your home province.

The CFSA judge license includes access to the Association of Freeskiing professionals’ (AFP) online resources and judging exams.

If you would like access to AFP’s online judging resources, please send an email to [email protected], giving CFSA permission to forward your email address to AFP. AFP will then send you a username and password within 5-10 business days. Once you receive your AFP account information, you will be able to log into the AFP website (http://www.afpjudges.com/), update your membership information, and access judging resources.

For more information on Officials and Events go to http://freestyleski.com/member-services/officials/

For more information on Judging go to http://freestyleski.com/member-services/judge/