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Travis Gerrits


Date of birth

Oct, 19, 1991




Milton, Ont.

Freestyle discipline and team

Aerials – Group A


5’ 7”


145 lbs

Years on National Team



Dennis Capicik and Daniel Murphy and Jonathan Pelletier-Ouellet

Personal career highlights

2nd — 2013 World Championships
2nd — 2013 Val St-Côme World Cup
FIS Rookie of the Year in 2011

Freestyle club affiliation

My brother and I skied out of our own back yard! We weren’t affiliated to any club but went around to different contests and had a wicked time. Stitched into the back of our coats was ‘Back Yard Boys’.

Languages you speak

English and French

Social media sites

Instagram: @TravisGerrits
Twitter: @TravisGerrits
Facebook: Travis Gerrits (follow public updates)
Blog: Sport Café – Travis Gerrits
YouTube: Just search Travis Gerrits




My motto

To be the best is not to be better than others, but to continue to push your own limits.

Favorite TV series

Game of Thrones. It’s just so epic.

Person who has had the greatest impact on your life and why

Freestyle Ski Mom! My mom and dad have had an enormous impact on my career. Without them, I wouldn’t be here today, heading to Sochi. The unconditional love and support through the good times and the bad times is what I appreciate the most.


• Stanford Center for Professional Development (Advanced Program Management)
• University of Guelph. (Open BA – Strategic Marketing)
• Milton District High School


Slacklining, highlining, fly-fishing, extreme sports, surfing

Do you have a hero? Why?

Yves LaRoche. He is such an inspiring man who has taught me a lot about enjoying every moment of my life and training. I have learned so much about perseverance and being a champion on and off of the hill from Yves. I owe him many thanks for his support from the first time I went off of the ramp in Québec when I was just 12 years old, to now, the year of the Olympic Games in Sochi.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome to get this far in your ski career?

I have had a few setbacks throughout my career as an aerialist. Being one of the most extreme sports out there, I am always prepared to face injury and stress. I suffered from a few concussions early on in my career and then had my biggest injury in 2012; I tore my medial collateral ligament and meniscus. I was off of my skis for 4 months, which was the longest time in more than 10 years. I took the time to reflect, and then push myself harder than ever to make a strong comeback. I earned three silver medals in 2013 and hope to earn my first gold in 2014.

Goals outside of sport

I pursue my post-secondary education with as much enthusiasm as I have shown for aerials. I am excited to finish school and get into the marketing and business world. We’ll see where that takes me after the Olympic Games in South Korea, 2018.

Favorite yoga pose and why

Savasana! The time for reflection after the workout is unlike any other feeling. The satisfaction of working hard and earning the time to relax and focus on nothing but your breath.

Advice to young athlètes

Younger athletes should continue to stay in school. I think it is super important to keep your brain active as well as to create a balance in your life.

How did you get into freestyle?

After finishing on the podium at a big air competition that Nicolas Fontaine was hosting in 2002, he invited me into the world of aerial skiing.

My parents helped my bro and I build a jump in our own back yard. I learned my first flips at 10 years old right at home!

Do you currently support a charity?

I currently support the LEAP study. A program designed to help juveniles with arthritis.

Funniest thing that’s happened to you at a ski competition or training

I’m not sure if it’s funny or crazy but during a World Cup in Quebec, I lost my ski while launching off of the jump. I was 45 feet in the air with one ski on my foot, not sure what to do. Be sure to check out the Youtube vid.

It would surprise you to know that…

I just finished setting up my own scholarship program at my old high school. I plan on supporting and encouraging the pursuit of excellence in both education and sport at an elite level.
I think it’s super important to give back and encourage the continuation of both sport and school, not just either/or.

Favorite World Cup / AFP stop and why?

I love competing in front of a home crowd!
We’re very lucky to have a World Cup in Quebec. Last year, I won my very first World Cup medal in front of my family and friends.

What is your best moment to date in freestyle skiing

Finishing 2nd at World Championships in 2013 and qualifying for the Olympics with the same jump was an incredible moment in my young career.

Three words that describe you?

Driven, motivated, passionate


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