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Rosalind Groenewoud


Date of birth

December 10, 1989



Place of birth

Calgary, Alta


Calgary, Alta

Where do you live now?

Squamish, B.C.


Halfpipe — A Group




135 lbs

Year you made the National Team



Trennon Paynter and Marc Mcdonell

Personal career highlights

1st — 2013 FIS World Cup finals
2nd — 2013 Sochi World Cup
1st — 2012 X Games
1st — 2012 European X Games
2011 World Champion
1st — 2012 AFP Halfpipe Overall
1st — 2010 US Grand Prix
1st — 2009 WSI Big Air

Club affiliation (as a kid)

Southern Alberta Freestyle & Wild West Freestyle

Languages you speak?


Social media sites

Twitter: @rozgroenewoud
Instagram: @rozgroenewoud
Facebook: www.facebook.com/RozGski



RozG, Rosa, Rozzy, Rozzle, Dennis


I am currently working on my Bachelor of Arts and Science at Quest University Canada in Squamish, B.C.


In addition to many outdoor activities, I practice yoga daily and enjoy attending yoga classes of all types when I’m on the road. Also, I have just discovered a new practice I love – gyrotonics/gyrokineisis. I am a bit of a foodie so I’m trying to become a better cook and enjoy cooking unusual international recipes for a big group of friends. I love to read, especially something that is so well-written that it makes my fingers tingle and well-researched pop-science books. Music is integral to my life. I go to concerts when I can and want to find time to play my flute more often.

I never leave home without…

I don’t believe there is value in being a “light packer” so my travel “never-leave-home-without list” is long! However, on a daily basis, I never leave home without my phone, a hair elastic, a reusable water bottle, and money to buy food (to avoid getting “hangry”).

Any pre-competition superstitions?

Pre-competition, I have things I do always in a specific order. For competition, I always wear purple underwear, purple hair elastics, a Canadian flag bandana and red lipstick.

Do you have a hero? Why?

Sarah Burke will always will be a hero/role model of mine. Others include Lisa Leslie, Clara Hughes, Coco Chanel, Julia Mancuso, Karen O, my teammates, and other athletes/musicians/artists/fashionistas pushing the boundaries, taking the path less travelled.

Life goals outside of sport

I want to complete my bachelor of arts & science and then go on to do a masters degree and see where that leads me.

What is your greatest fear and how do you overcome it?

Needles! I couldn’t even look at them let alone touch them. It is my goal to completely overcome this fear. Last fall, a very brave and dear friend coached me to the point where I could give her the weekly needle she requires. It didn’t go smoothly at first (my poor friend!) but I did it – three times!

Favorite yoga pose and why

My favorite yoga pose is the Pigeon – it stretches so many leg muscles and it is such a pleasure to relax in it.

How did you get into freestyle?

I watched the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics on a two-hour feed each night in Ecuador. I saw the mogul skiing events and knew that I had to do that. I told my parents that our next move HAD to be to a place where I could ski again so I could ski moguls. It turned out that I liked the jumps a lot better than the moguls and I transitioned into a pipe and park skier.

Do you currently support a charity?

I am an athlete ambassador for Right to Play and support some other charities and initiatives. I also believe in the value of doing regular random acts of kindness.

If I wasn’t an athlete I would be…

It is impossible to imagine that I wouldn’t be some kind of an athlete so the short answer would be: I would be an insomniac and not happy. I can imagine life not being a professional athlete but I’d still be entering competitions of some kind or playing on a team. And I’d likely be trying new sports fairly regularly.

Favorite World Cup / AFP stop and why?

X-Games in Aspen. It always has an amazing pipe and the event organization is impeccable.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to support your passion for skiing?

It’s a long story…

Pet peeves?

Common grammar mistakes, for example, your instead of you’re, and the use of an apostrophe and quotation marks randomly and incorrectly where they make no sense.

Anything else to add?

Thank you to my fabulous parents and family, great coaches, awesome sponsors, hysterical teammates and beautiful friends!


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