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Kaya Turski


Date of birth

May 3, 1988



Place of birth

Montreal, Que.


Montreal, Que.


Slopestyle – A Group



Year you made the National Team



Toben Sutherland, JF Cusson, Matt Christensen

Personal career highlights

Seven-time X Games gold medalist from 2010 – 2013
2013 World Champion

Languages you speak?

English, French, Polish

Social media sites

Twitter: @kayaturski


Person who has had the greatest impact on your life and why

My parents because they supported me throughout my entire career — the good and bad.


Arts: home decor, beading, painting, pottery, mosaics, you name it!

Do you have a hero? Why?

Sarah Burke because she fought for women in my sport and paved the way for all of us today. I remember the first time I watched her ski segment and to this day I have never been more inspired.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome to get this far in your ski career?

Two years off in a row due to an internal injury followed by a torn ACL (knee) ligament.

Life goals outside of sport

Inspiring confidence, sparking passion, helping people believe in their dreams

How did you get into freestyle?

I was always interested in the extreme –climbing fences and trees, jumping off of whatever I could fly. I like the thrill I feel in the air.

Do you currently support a charity?

I have sponsored a child through Plan Canada since 2006.

Funniest thing that’s happened to you at a competition or training

Watching a friend go so big that she pooped her pants (but she was ok)!

It would surprise you to know that…

I played the trombone for a year in high school.

If I wasn’t an athlete I would be…

A mental coach

Favorite World Cup / AFP stop and why?

X-Games because the crowds are so involved and the excitement carries all over town.

Pet peeves?

Rooming with snorers

What is your best moment to date in freestyle skiing

Winning X-Games for the first time in 2010

Three words that describe you?

Determined, focused, dreamer


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